Egg roll is a famous dish in Delhi, Kolkata, and in many areas. It is a healthy dish and tasty also. It is very beneficial for health, but there is some disadvantage to egg roll also, first its chapatti is made from corn flour, second there is used choumin in an egg roll. We are saying it is healthy because there is added egg, which is a good source of protein. Selenium, phosphorus, choline, vitamin B12, and multiple antioxidants which help you to keep your cells healthy.

Egg is very beneficial for health because it contains high protein that helps you to gain muscle. And other nutrients keep your body healthy. I would like to suggest that if you want to eat something from outside, so egg roll is best, but take it 2 times a week because its fine flour and choumin can make you ill. And these things are the cause of fat. It will be better if you cook egg rolls from home with the use of chapatti.

So, today I have brought an amazing recipe for egg rolls. We hope, that you will like it. So let’s start.

Ingredients For Egg Roll:

Fine Flour                 1 cup

Sugar                         half spoon

Salt                             half a small spoon

Egg                             2

Onion                        two big-sized

Green chilly              2

Carrot                        1 big

Red chili sauce        1 spoon

Green chili sauce    1 spoon

Tomato sauce          3 spoon

Ghee                          1spoon

Oil                               1spoon

Capsicum                  ½

Egg Roll: Best Recipe Of egg roll| How to make Egg Roll |Shop style Egg roll | How to make egg roll at Home


First, take 1 cup of fine flour, add one spoon of ghee, half a spoon of sugar, and ¼ spoon of salt. Mix it well by hand, then add one spoon of Ghee and mix it in 5 minutes. Now intertwine fine flour with water.

Take care you have to add water in less quantity and slowly. Don’t add more water at one time. Otherwise, dough will not be perfect.

When it comes in dough form pull it nice. Fine flour is pulled and flour is pressed while intertwining. Then apply 1 spoon of oil.

Now cut a big size of onion, one big capsicum, and 2 green chili and mix it well then put it in the side.

For egg roll sauces take 2-3 spoon of tomato sauce. Now add one spoon of red chili sauce, half green chili sauce, and a little sugar, then mix it well.

Egg Roll: Best Recipe Of egg roll| How to make Egg Roll |Shop style Egg roll | How to make egg roll at Home

Now we will go, toward our dough.  Make a ball of dough, then roll out it with a rolling pin. Then cut the center, and fold it in jalebi style. Now press it inside. Apply some fine flour then again roll out it.

Now take out 2 eggs in a bowl, add some green chili sauce, and mix it well.

Then we will cook chapatti, which we have rolled out. Add some oil in a pan spread in the whole pan, then add the egg. Spread it also in a round shape.

Then immediately put one chapatti. After that when it cooks one side flip and apply some oil to both sides, but take care there should be less oil in the egg. Cook it until it becomes crispy.

Serve it on a plate, then add a mixture of onion, carrot, capsicum, and chili. Now add the sauce in it, which you have made. Roll it on a piece of paper and give it to your family to eat. Your family will like it. And they will tell you to cook again.

Egg Roll: Best Recipe Of egg roll| How to make Egg Roll |Shop style Egg roll | How to make egg roll at Home
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