Everyone likes to eat cake and we buy a cake from the market on some occasion or the other, be it children's birthday or any happy occasion, because the taste of the cake is so wonderful that children and elders all like it. And cakes come in so many flavors like chocolate, stovery, fruit cake, etc., so whoever likes cake of whatever flavor, likes to bring the same but when we buy a cake from the market, it costs us a lot of money. But the quantity of cake available is very low, so why not make the cake easily at home?

Cake Recipe: Cake Recipe in Bakery Style | How to make Cake Recipe | Homemade Cake Recipe

But you might be thinking that for that we will need an oven, which is available in very few homes, but today we will make the same cake at home without any oven or OTG oven, which will turn out to be very spongy and easy to eat. It will taste tasty and will be ready at a very low cost. We will make this cake in a pan. Even if you are making it for the first time, if you make it as per our instructions, which I have explained step by step, then the cake will turn out great.

Ingredients for cake:

Curd – half cup (cup size – 250 ml)

Powdered sugar – ¾ cup (cup size – 250 ml)

Oil – ¼ cup (cup size – 250 ml)

Fine semolina – 1 cup (cup size – 250 ml)

Flour – 2 tsp

white salt (for baking)


Baking powder – ½ tsp

Baking soda – ¼ tsp

Tutti Frutti – as per taste

Almonds – as per taste

Raisins – as per taste

Cake Recipe: Cake Recipe in Bakery Style | How to make Cake Recipe | Homemade Cake Recipe


step 1 – Take half a cup of curd and put it in a bowl. If you want, you can use fresh cream instead of curd.

step 2 – Now add powdered sugar to the bowl. You can easily make ground sugar by grinding the normal sugar used at home in a mixer grinder.

step 3 – After this, we will add oil to it. While pouring oil, remember that there should not be any smell of any kind in the oil.

step 4 – Now mix this mixture well.

Note – You can measure all these things using any bowl or bowl.

step 5 – Now add fine semolina to it. After this add flour here and mix well. Adding flour will give a very good binding to the cake.

Cake Recipe: Cake Recipe in Bakery Style | How to make Cake Recipe | Homemade Cake Recipe

step 6 – Now cover it and leave it for 20 minutes.

step 7 – Meanwhile we will prepare our cake tin. We have used cake tin here, if you want you can also take any steel vessel. Now grease the vessel well with oil.

Step 8 – Now cut a butter paper to the size of the base of the vessel. As we have cut the shape of a circular base here, now place it on the bottom of the vessel and grease it well with oil.

Note – If you do not want to use butter paper, then after greasing the vessel with oil, dust the entire vessel thoroughly with flour.

step 9 – Now take a big size pan in which we will bake the cake. If you want, you can also use a cooker instead but use it only after removing both the rubber and the whistle of the cooker.

Step 10 – Now fill the base of the vessel with salt. There is no need for too much salt but 1 layer of salt should be formed. Now place a stand on top of the salt layer. If there is no stand, then keep the steel plate upside down.

step 11 – Now keep this pan on slow flame for 5 to 10 minutes to heat.

step 12 – Now 20 minutes have passed so we will check the batter. If you find that the batter has become thick then add some milk to it and bring the batter to medium consistency so that it is neither too thick nor too thin. While adding milk, keep stirring the batter simultaneously so that lumps do not form in the batter.

Note – If you want to add vanilla essence (1/2 tsp) in the cake then add it here.

Cake Recipe: Cake Recipe in Bakery Style | How to make Cake Recipe | Homemade Cake Recipe

step 13 – Now add baking powder to it. Also, add baking soda to it.

step 14 – Now the most important part of this recipe, add some milk in and beat this batter on one side only. Suppose if you are beating clockwise then you should beat it clockwise and if you are beating anti-clockwise. So you beat anti-clockwise only and do not change the direction.

Step 15 – The batter should be of medium consistency. We used about ½ cup more milk in the batter we prepared.

step 16 – Now pour the batter into the cake tin which we had already prepared by greasing it with oil and applying butter paper.

step 17 – You can add some tutti frutti, almonds, and raisins on top of it, by doing this the cake will look beautiful.

Step 18 – Now carefully place it inside the pan which we had kept on the gas to heat. Also, cover it from above. Wait for 30 to 35 minutes to cook.

Cake Recipe: Cake Recipe in Bakery Style | How to make Cake Recipe | Homemade Cake Recipe

Step 19 – Check the cake after about 25 minutes. For this, take a knife put it inside the cake, and take it out again. If the knife comes out clean, then it means that the cake is cooked but if a little bit of batter is visible on it then it means that the cake is not yet complete. is not ripe

Step 20 – If the cake is not cooked yet, cook it for 10 more minutes and check it again.

step 21 – The cake is ready, turn off the gas.

step 22 – Now take out this cake tin from the big pan and with the help of a knife, separate the cake from the sides of the cake tin.

step 23 – Now let the cake come to room temperature and only then take the cake out of the cake tin. After removing the cake, also remove the butter paper from the back of the cake.

Step 24 – The wonderful birthday cake recipe is ready.

Special tips:

You can use cream instead of curd.

You can use flour instead of butter paper and dust it well in the cake tin.

Flour helps in binding the cake well.

After the cake comes to room temperature, take it out from the cake tin as it becomes very soft when hot.

Cake Recipe: Cake Recipe in Bakery Style | How to make Cake Recipe | Homemade Cake Recipe

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