Calcium is a macromineral and is the most abundant mineral in the body. It is very important in our body and helps in the mineralization of teeth and bones, nerve function, regulate blood pressure, blood clotting, and muscle movement. There are various harmful effects on the body if there is a deficiency of calcium. There is a disease called hypocalcemia which is mainly caused due to deficiency of calcium in the body. It is very dangerous may also lead to death if not cured properly. Calcium Foods.


Till now we know what calcium is and what it's the role of it in our body. Now let’s know about the problems which are basically caused due to deficiency of calcium: -


  1. Hypocalcemia which is commonly known as calcium deficiency disease occurs when the level of calcium is low in our body.


  1. Osteoporosis, in this the bones present in the body become brittle.


  1. Muscle problems like regular pain in the muscle, muscle cramps.


  1. A low level of calcium may also cause insomnia which is a disease in which an individual is unable to sleep.


  1. Dryness in skin and nails


  1. It may also lead to Painful premenstrual syndrome (PMS)


  1. Tooth decay


  1. Calcium is very important for individuals of every age group be it child, adult, or old especially for women.


  1. It is very good for bone health.


  1. For chronic diseases, calcium plays a very important role in curing chronic diseases.


  1. For a healthy smile, as it a very important element for your teeth.


  1. Calcium also helps in regulating blood pressure.
Benifits Of Calcium



  1. The main source of calcium from which every individual can consume it is cow milk.


  1. There are also various supplements available in the market which can also be used to increase the calcium level in the body.


  1. Calcium is also available in fruits like guava, pomegranate, banana, melon, orange, mango, papaya, apple, and litchi.


  1. It can also be consumed from the foods which are rich in calcium like;
  • Dairy products from cow milk like milk, curd, butter, cheese, and buttermilk
  • Green leafy vegetables and legumes
  • Fish with bones like salmon

This article was all about calcium, its benefits, problems caused due to its deficiency, and sources from which we can consume it. So in the end, I hope this article was knowledge full to you and you grab some important information from it.

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