How to Make Chili Potato at Home

Chili potato is a favorite Dish of people. chili potato eats children, youngsters and old all. It has very delicious taste. it also looks good. you can't forget its taste. it increases your hunger and brings water to your mouth and it is very famous in India. if you also like chili potato so I have brought a recipe of chili potato for you that you can make at home. You can surprise your children and family. you can make it by home ingredients. and here I will tell you to step by step all the recipes.

What are the ingredients

500 grams potato, half-gram Arrowroot, vinegar, green chili sauce, tomato souse, capsicum, onion, garlic, ginger red chili powder, oil, salt, and green coriander.

How to Make chili potato

*Make mixer of chili potato

*frying in water

*cooking in the pan

Take chopped potato in big peace and wash it. let it be in the water.

Put it side now cut onion, Chilli, ginger, garlic and make a paste of it. Cut some capsicum and onion also.

ingedients for chili potato

Preparing Batter

2 Now take out potatoes from the water and mix some Arrowroot, some chili, and some color. You will get it in the market easily. put half a cup of water in it and mix it properly. don't add all water at one time otherwise, your batter will not a made perfect.


1 Take a frying pan and put some oil in it and let it be warm then fry potato. keep it in medium flame otherwise, it will be raw. fry it till the potato get red. take out in a plate.

cooking in pan

1 Take a pan on gas put some oil in it and let it heat up.

2 Now place some chopped onion, chili, and garlic and when it get brown so put ginger, chilly, and garlic paste. then add red chili paste and put some water in it and let it cooked. here you can also add some sugar if you like. otherwise, add only red souse and chilly sauce.

3   add chopped onion and capsicum. now mix 1/2 spoon of vinegar,2 spoon tomato sauce, and 2 spoons red sauce take half cup arrowroot and make a thin batter of it then put it in pan

4 And add fried chilly sauce,1 spoon salt. mix 1 spoon red chili powder.

5 Put some half-liter water then cover it with a plate and let it be cooked till 20 minutes

6 After cooking add some chopped green coriander and serve it on the plate.

Chili Potato

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Hope you like this recipe and will try to make this delicious recipe at home.

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