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How to build body: How to build your body without going to the gym. Let me tell you about all the things that I write so that you can go down and see or read and follow the article daily. In fact, in a few days, you can gain your body slowly. Now how to build a body then let's start

  • Increase your diet

One to one and a half hours spent in the gym asks for six meals a day. It takes both time and money in his arrangement. If you are really thinking about making something, then take care of your pocket. Water becomes more important than diet in many cases. 70% percent of our body is water and muscles are 75 percent water Water is essential to maintain fluidity in your muscles and maintain muscle strength. For example, if you are currently consuming 1500 calories, then try to eat up to 2000 calories.  This does not mean that every day you count calories, you should eat more of the substances containing calories. And keep in mind that you are eating clean food, not much.

Increase your diet
  • Drink enough water

The muscles of the body need water to grow regularly. So drink as much water as possible. By the way, according to the weight of our body, we have a formula of how much water we should drink, but it is not necessary, because you cannot drink it by counting every time.  It is better if you drink more water than you consume.  Water becomes more important than diet in many cases.  70 percent of our body is water and muscles are 75 percent water. Water is essential to maintain fluidity in your muscles and maintain muscle strength.

Drink enough water
  • Eat regularly

If you are eating more food 2-3 times a day, then instead of that, eat small meals 4-5 times. Because sometimes it happens that in order to grow you have to change your eating habits. Here is the suggestion for you, you can do it. 1-1 glass of milk morning and evening, 1-2 bananas morning and evening, if you eat eggs, 1-2 morning and evening. Makhan is also good for health. A hundred grams of milk contains 3 grams of protein, and a kilo is thirty. Five grams of carbohydrates and 3 to 4 grams of fat. A hundred grams of full cream milk contain 60 calories. That means 600 calories in one kilo. Look at the calculation of four kilos. When the goods go into the body, the body will be happy.

Eat regularly
  • Take your vitamins

Speaking of vitamins, vitamin B1, B2, B3, and vitamin C are of special importance.  To make muscles, the body needs to break down proteins. At the same time, vitamin promotes muscle building. Therefore, it is very important to take such diets, which are full of these vitamins.  According to your need for a well-balanced diet, make sure that you are getting the full amount of vitamins and minerals. There are many options to know this, such as age, sex and especially health and your diet.  Find it correctly and make it a part of your daily routine.

Take your vitamins
  • Green vegetables

Spinach and other green vegetables are very beneficial for the gym-goer.  Green vegetables are rich in antioxidants.  Eating green vegetables makes muscles work well.  Apart from this, green vegetables also provide relaxation to the body after workouts.

green vegetables
  • Eat fat content

Fat substances make your body grow. Its effect lasts longer if taken in the right amount. Fat can be taken from butter, chips, ghee, etc. Fat consists of olive, canola, sesame oil, salmon fish, and samadhi in food.  Fat substances are essential for heart, blood, children, vision, and brain development. The nutritional properties of eating more than the quantity of your food should be given more importance.  Digest food should be chewed properly and eat it.  Avoiding tea or coffee immediately after meals, as it does not properly digest and absorb food. Always include different fruits, vegetables, and salads in food.

Eat fat content
  • Exercise

Apart from walking, you can also do yoga anywhere. There are many types of yoga that you can do at home, traveling, office, anywhere, except for a few select postures.  Especially pranayama, Avalon antonyms will make you feel refreshed. Whenever you do any exercise, feel the pressure on that part of the body. By doing this, it will be known that the exercise is being done correctly.


Exercise does not necessarily mean that a gym should be set up, normally ordinary people can.

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