Weight Loss Diet Plan

Weight Loss Diet Plan: With the right choice of foods, you can dramatically speed up your weight loss efforts.  Modify your calorie burn and curb your cravings with these superfoods. Follow the Weight loss diet plan down site read and follow and you apply own

  • Broccoli

Broccoli (ripe or raw) is well known for its anti-cancer properties and has high amounts of vitamin C which helps in absorbing the calcium we eat. Studies show that calcium aids in weight loss. Not only this, but broccoli is also rich in phytochemicals which greatly improves our immune system, and helps protect against disease - all while being very low in calories!  Cc

  • Apples

Apples are low in calories and fat, low in sodium, and contain vitamins and minerals as well as fiber. A study by Penn State University showed that people who eat an apple before a meal eat fewer calories than those who eat a different kind of snack.  The reason for this is the high-fiber condition of the apple, which fills you (each apple has about 4 to 5 grams of fiber). Fiber helps you feel fuller for longer as it spreads in your stomach so it takes less food to satisfy your hunger.

  • Black beans

Black beans contain too much protein (15 grams per cup) and do not contain saturated fat, which is present in red meat, for example.  Beans are extremely good fat fighters because they contain an optimal combination of »fat-melting« nutrients (protein, soluble and insoluble fiber, and a type of fat-burning carb called resistant starch).

Black beans
  • Coffee

Coffee increases your resting metabolic rate by about 15%.  It can last up to four hours and it can burn 35 to 55 extra calories per day!  It burns about 245 to 385 extra calories per week.  Chlorogenic acids (some types of antioxidants) are the main compounds that slow down the production of new fat cells after a meal.

  • Low Fat Dairy

Low-fat diets are rich in nutrients, contain calcium necessary for fat burning and weight loss and it helps in keeping the digestive system in good health.  The finding suggests that people who are deficient in calcium have a hold.  Experience more fat mass and less control of their appetite.  What's more, studies have shown that dairy sources of calcium - such as yogurt, low- or nonfat cheese, and milk - are more effective in accelerating fat loss than other sources.  In a study outside the University of Tennessee, researchers showed that eating three servings of dairy significantly reduced body fat in obese subjects.  If they limit calories slightly by continuing with the same dairy servings, it reduces fat and weight.

Low Fat Dairy
  • Eggs

According to research conducted by the Rochester Center for Obesity in the US, consuming eggs for breakfast limits the number of calories you can consume over 400 calories throughout the day.  An egg contains about 85 calories, but it makes you feel full longer, so you will probably be smaller the next meal.  Eggs are also full of protein, zinc, iron, and good nutrients like vitamins A, D, E, and B12.
Weight Loss Diet Plan


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