Sweet and sour chicken recipe

Sweet and sour chicken is eaten in China and in the USA also it is loved by people a lot. it also healthy food and it is so tasty you will prefer to make it. Your family relatives all will admire you after eating it again and again chicken contains protean. Amino acid and try Stephan is helpful to higher levels of serotonin that you feel in the brain that you feel good. so you should eat chicken more it also manages your weight and prevents the risk of a heart attack.  you can cook this dish in your wok or in a frying pan. it is made in very little time. it is so nutritious. Here we use some vegetables also so its nutrients increase. so let learn to make sweet and sour chicken here I will tell you everything nicely.

sweet and sour chicken ingredients

Ingredients used to make sweet and sour chicken.

  • Gram chicken breasts 400
  • Red bell pepper 1
  • Yellow Bell pepper 1
  • Onion 1
  • Cloves Garlic 2
  • Pineapples 200 g
  • Flour 100
  • Baking powder 11/2
  • Stretch 30 grams
  • Salt 1/2 tsp
  • Sunflower oil 130ml
  • Water 150 ml
  • Brown Sugar 2tsp
  • ketchup 3tsp
  • Soy souse 11/2
  • Apple Cider Vinegar 60 ml
  • Sesame seeds 1tsp
  • Scallions ( to serve )
  • rice cooked (for serve)

How to Make Sweet and sour chicken Recipe Step by Step

only 3 steps follow

  1. Trimming
  2. Frying
  3. cooking


1) Trimming

Cut and core the bell pepper in strips. take one onion and slice it into half. Same cut the pineapple in medium-size and wash these and put in a bowl.

2) frying

Wash chicken nicely and drain out the all water from it. Now place wok or input on the stove and add some sunflower oil in it. When the oil heats up fry all chicken one by one. After getting red take out from the pan. Remember that when you fry it your gas should be on low flame.

Sweet and sour chicken recipe step by step

3) cooking

Now take some onion and garlic and fry it in a  pan approx 30  seconds. Add Bell pepper and fry it for 1 minute. add sugar to it and let it caramelize slightly. place some ketchup, soy sauce, and apple cider vinegar. now leave 4 to 5 minutes and let it cook. put the chicken and toss in this and combine it well. Serve it and sprinkle it with sesame seeds.

serve warm tasty sweet and sour chicken with rice. Enjoy it with your family I hope that you will like it.

Sweet and sour chicken 1

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